How to Judge an Agency

Judge an agency from the way it screens its caregivers

For Aides, Companions, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs), RNs, and office staff, the screening process at Amicasa Home Care is both rigorous and painstaking.  Police records, certifications, up to date immigration papers and health documents are checked routinely.  We go further however, through a process that matches the application form to findings from two separate face-to-face interviews, to talking at length with people in the caregiver’s background.

We then maintain close interaction with a new caregiver on their initial assignments, until they learn to apply our values and culture, and we get to know them intimately.

Judge an agency from the way it reacts to emergencies

Dealing mostly with older clients, emergencies are part and parcel of a home care agency’s activities. At times it is a caregiver calling in because her patient is experiencing some kind of distress.  Other times, it is because a caregiver does not show up at a scheduled assignment.

At Amicasa Home Care, our response is that much faster and more effective, if only because the people in charge have dealt with dozens of emergencies over several decades of experience in home care.  

Judge an agency from the way it adapts to your needs

You may start with Amicasa Home Care with a few hours a week and suddenly find yourself in need of more daily assistance.  Or you may find yourself at odds with your current caregiver and would like her changed as soon as possible.  And there are several other instances that may cause your needs to change.

Changing a caregiver or adding services takes one call from you to Amicasa Home Care.  You will find our agency prompt and sensitive to your needs attempting, at all times, to foster stress-free changes to suit your needs.

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