Our Services

caregiver hugging 2 patient Here at Amicasa Hospice & Home Care we strive on giving passionate and exemplary care and support to families in need of help caring for their loved ones. Whether it is personal care, reading to them, spending time with them or assisting with the activities of daily living.
We place our values in the uniqueness of each individual and their family.

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Amicasa Hospice & Home Care offer a number of programs:


Home Care services

Community Care Service Program (CCSP): Medicaid waiver program that assists older and/or functionally disabled consumers, their families, and caregivers in achieving safe, self-reliant lives. Participants must meet the same medical, functional and financial eligibility criteria as for placement in a nursing facility under Medicaid and be approved by a physician.

SOURCE Program: SOURCE is an enhanced primary care case management program that serves frail elderly and disabled beneficiaries. The program works to improve the health outcomes of persons with chronic health conditions, by linking primary medical care with home and community-based services


Palliative Care


Assisted Living Services

Hospice In-Patient Unit

images about assisted living
images about general in-patient for hospice