The Role of the Agency

Our agency screens and manages our caregivers on your behalf.

This is a critical function we perform on behalf of our clients. The caregivers we assign to you are thoroughly screened.

We make caregivers available to you for free interviews. Once a caregiver starts on a specific schedule, we then supervise her to make sure that she performs to our standards.

Our agency selects the right caregiver for you.

Through a process of getting to know you and your family, and by asking you a few questions as to your likes and dislikes, we select a caregiver who, we believe, would make a good match. We base that on our familiarity with the caregiver’s personality, where she lives, whether she has a car, and many criteria that enable us, nine times out of ten, to make the right selection from the very start.

Our Coordinators work diligently to ensure that your comforts are met.

Our Care Coordinators are available to you day and night. In fact, they encourage you to stay in touch. They would to ascertain whether the caregiver assigned to you is being kind, friendly, and efficient.

Our coordinators work diligently to ensure that your desired schedule is adhered to. For example, if you have a weekday caregiver and a weekend caregiver, their task is to schedule those caregivers, making certain that they arrive on time and are well briefed.

The Care Coordinator attempts to work seamlessly and without causing you any stress.

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